This Creepily Accurate Ice Cream Personality Test Will Speak to Your Dairy-Loving Soul

behavioral food skilled teamed up with Baskin-Robbins, and along they surveyed one,000 folks on the method during which they Ate their frozen dessert. because it seems, it isn’t simply your flavor of an alternative that says loads regarding you. it is also however you eat your frozen dessert. square measure you Associate in Nursing frozen dessert sandwich gal or does one like is straight from the pint?

If you prefer your frozen dessert during a cone…

Ice Cream Cone(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
You’re Associate in Nursing optimist! the likelihood is you are a wuss (which most likely causes you to a favorite among the grandkids), however, that is okay. It simply implies that you’ve got loads of emotions and feelings. you’re feeling a way of purpose in life, and that is why you prefer the no-waste facet of Associate in Nursing frozen dessert cone.

If you prefer your sweet treat during a waffle cone, you prefer tradition. you are additional of the nurturing sort, and if there is a party, you are possibly the host. If you are a sugar cone all the method, folks assume you are the lifetime of the party. you are humorous, edgy, and simply a touch bit immoderate.

If you set your frozen dessert during a bowl…

Ice Cream Bowl(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
You’re a realist! you recognize that a cone means that a sticky mess, thus you like a bowl. Boghossian says you are the person everybody desires in their corner as a result of you are a worker, accountable, and family-oriented. will we have a tendency to be friends with you?

Maybe you utilize a bowl however you mostly build your frozen dessert a hot fudge sundae? you are loyal and impressive. the very fact that you are not content with plain frozen dessert thus you add topping and hot fudge could be a tell-tale sign of that ambition. you recognize what you wish, and you chase it.

If you like Associate in Nursing frozen dessert sandwich…

Ice Cream Sandwich(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
You’re eccentric! you are creative, and you prefer to experiment, thence the blending of textures Associate in Nursingd flavors to create a frozen dessert sandwich. as an example, you wish to kick it up a notch and build it a cookie frozen dessert sandwich? lady, you’re something however boring! frozen dessert cookie sandwich lovers will be either introspective or extroverted, however, they are each impulsive and creative.

If you skip the mess and go straight for the bathtub…

Ice Cream Carton(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
You’re pragmatic! Why trouble with bowls, and cones, and cookies once you may go straight to the source? you are all regarding potency and possibly a robust leader, too. people that like consumption dig into the pint square measure typically capable introverts.

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